Juan Mario Farrugia is a student and photographer currently studying at MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts in Mosta for the Bachelors of Arts (Honours) in Photography. Graduated in an Advanced Diploma in Photography in February 2020. 
The main genres he currently focuses on and is interested in include Portraiture, Street, Studio, Product, Landscape and Documentary. 
His passion for photography was initiated from a young age (with a 35mm Canon Autoboy) as he used to love photographing his father’s work during culinary competitions.
Soon later in his life (teenage years) he bought his first entry-level DSLR  and began experimenting with photography by taking part in various fashion workshops.
A few years later he decided to pursue this passion for photography onto the next level, by starting an Advanced Diploma course in Photography at MCAST ICA. Currently, he is doing his final year for a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Photography at MCAST ICA.
During these years studying at MCAST, he took part in various local events which happened in Malta that includes the Malta World Music Festival, Ghana Fest, the Puttinu Cares Football & Volleyball Marathon, Malta Fashion Week and others.
He also has a passion for film photography and the process of the darkroom. 

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